Basic Property Tax Information for Louisiana Homeowners

Real property, which is land, buildings and other permanently attached improvements, are subject to a property tax in Louisiana. Property taxes are levied by the political subdivision where the property is located (also known as the “taxing authority”).  There can be more than one taxing authority within a [...] Read More

Property Owner Questions: Who is Responsible for Damage Caused by Fallen Trees?

Are you a property owner and wondering if you might be responsible for any damage caused to a neighbor’s property if one of your trees falls during a hurricane? Living in a state like Louisiana that is prone to severe storms, we are no stranger to strong winds that often topple trees. But the answer […] Read More

How to Avoid First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

Tired of renting and ready to take the plunge into homeownership? Congratulations! Purchasing a home is a huge milestone in most peoples’ lives, so before you run out of the door to look at houses that strike your fancy, there are some issues to consider to help you avoid making a costly mistake and make the [...] Read More

Basic Mineral Law in Louisiana

Property owners in Louisiana need to have a basic understanding of their mineral rights. The Louisiana Mineral Code governs minerals in Louisiana (Title 31 of Louisiana Revised Statutes).  What is a mineral? Minerals include oil and gas, gravel, soil itself, sulfur, underground water, and “other substances occurring [...] Read More

5 Seller Refunds That May Be Available After You’ve Sold Your Home

Sold your house?  Don’t forget these refunds that may be available to you:  Escrow refund If you had a mortgage on your home and you escrowed your property taxes and homeowners’ insurance, you are entitled to any overage amounts left in your escrow account. If you do not receive your overage between [...] Read More