Understanding Tax Sale and Quiet Title in Louisiana

Every property owner is required to pay property taxes, and if they don’t, the parish tax collector (usually the sheriff) may sell the property at a tax sale to satisfy the unpaid debt. (LA R.S. 47:2153) How do tax sales work? Tax sales generally occur annually (usually June). First, the parish tax collector publishes [...] Read More

Why You Should Get Title Insurance for Your Home Purchase

As an attorney, it’s concerning when a homebuyer has been told that title insurance isn’t necessary for their home purchase, as a home is usually a person’s largest investment. For a minimal, one-time fee (usually 0.5% of the purchase price) a buyer has protection for the term of their homeownership. The following are [...] Read More

Basic Property Tax Information for Louisiana Homeowners

Real property, which is land, buildings and other permanently attached improvements, are subject to a property tax in Louisiana. Property taxes are levied by the political subdivision where the property is located (also known as the “taxing authority”).  There can be more than one taxing authority within a [...] Read More

Property Owner Questions: Who is Responsible for Damage Caused by Fallen Trees?

Are you a property owner and wondering if you might be responsible for any damage caused to a neighbor’s property if one of your trees falls during a hurricane? Living in a state like Louisiana that is prone to severe storms, we are no stranger to strong winds that often topple trees. But the answer […] Read More

How to Avoid First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

Tired of renting and ready to take the plunge into homeownership? Congratulations! Purchasing a home is a huge milestone in most peoples’ lives, so before you run out of the door to look at houses that strike your fancy, there are some issues to consider to help you avoid making a costly mistake and make the [...] Read More