How Veterans Can Prepare Their Finances to Buy a Home

Veteran First-Time Homebuyer Financial Guide & Tips Buying a home is one of the largest purchases your clients can make. When your clients are veterans buying their first home, there can be additional considerations. As a loan officer working with veterans, it’s crucial you provide them with an option of a home [...] Read More

2021 Housing Market Trends

What Housing Market Trends Can You Expect in 2021? The new year is practically here! With 2021 right around the corner, many homeowners, real estate agents, and loan officers are wondering what the new year will bring in for the real estate market. At TitlePlus, we’re always looking to the real estate market, and we’ve [...] Read More

Mortgage Refinancing Options for Clients with Bad Credit

4 Mortgage Refinancing Options for Homeowners with Poor Credit Scores Loan officers can reassure their clients with poor or bad credit scores that they have the option to refinance despite their low credit scores. Here are four options that homeowners have when it comes to mortgage refinancing with low credit scores. [...] Read More

Real Estate Agent Tools & Technology

Use These Real Estate Agent Tools and Technology to Make Your Job Easier Most real estate agents have computers and smart phones down pat, and many already use social media and other mainstream technology to promote or organize their business. There are additional tools and technology out there, however, that you can [...] Read More

How to Protect Your Clients from Title Fraud

What is Title Fraud? Title fraud is the involuntary transfer of property ownership without the actual homeowner’s permission or awareness. An individual committing title fraud usually transfers the home’s title to someone else or uses the property as collateral to borrow money. Essentially, home title fraud is the act [...] Read More