4 Habits that are Losing You Clients and Sales

4 Real Estate Habits that are Losing You Sales

Habits die hard, but some habits are best to leave behind because they can end up ruining your sales and scaring away your clients. As a real estate agent, your clients look to you to be on top of your game, so any habits that say the contrary are best fixed fast. Here are the top four habits that send your clients into the arms of other real estate agents.

  1. DisorganizationReal estate agent with an organization habit

One of the worst bad habits to have as a real estate agent is disorganization. With all the clients you need to keep track of and all the houses you need to remember, disorganization can be the habit that kills sales over and over again. When you let your disorganization affect your meetings with clients or let it ruin opportunities for them, then clients are going to be looking elsewhere for a real estate agent.

For example, if you find yourself spending 20 minutes looking for keys or addresses when you’re already supposed to be at the house meeting your client, tempers can run hot quickly. Get organized and start paying attention to the details, or you could turn your client’s positive opinion of you to a negative one.

  1. Procrastination

It’s easy to put things off to the last minute until they need to be done, but if you continue to do this, your clients will notice because it will affect their home search. If you’re supposed to meet a client at 2 p.m., get ready well in advance and have every item ready. If your client wants to place a bid on a house, do it immediately, don’t wait because you think you have time.

Procrastination will make you feel rushed, and it will damage your relationships. Give yourself more time to accomplish tasks by starting earlier, so you feel more prepared, and your clients have more faith in your ability to get things done.

  1. MiscommunicationA group of real estate agents discussing work habits

One of the absolute worst habits to keep as a real estate agent is miscommunication. As a real estate agent, your clients look to you to run the show – after all, you’re the expert who is leading the way in the house hunt.

Don’t leave them questioning when meetings are supposed to happen or when certain parts of the process are supposed to be completed. If you have a meeting set with them, make sure they know the time and place. Be sure to remind them on that day so there is no question about when and where the meeting is taking place. You’re not annoying your clients by confirming meetings day-of, in fact, you’re showing that you are organized and care about their house search.

In addition, make sure you are communicating throughout the house search process. As one of the biggest purchases of their lives, your clients want to know when and why steps of the closing are taking long. Be sure to pass along any information you have so they know what to expect. If you ignore your client, they’ll find a real estate agent that is more involved in the search for their forever home.

  1. Ignoring their Needs

A sure-fire way to get your client to ditch you as their real estate agent is ignoring their needs. Yes, clients can have expectations bigger than their wallets when it comes to buying a house, but if you’re continually showing them homes that don’t fit the bill, then they’ll leave. If they ask for a house with four bedrooms because they have three children, you need to listen and do your absolute best to find a house that accommodates their family. If they have a strict budget, keep to it as best you can.

While the market does restrict your options, make sure you are at least hitting their needs if not exactly their wants. Ignoring their needs can wind up with you one client short.

Don’t lose your clients because of bad habits. Work to correct any of the above behaviors, so you make your clients happier and close more sales. For more real estate tips, check out our other articles on titleplusla.com.