Real Estate Agent Tools & Technology

Use These Real Estate Agent Tools and Technology to Make Your Job Easier

Most real estate agents have computers and smart phones down pat, and many already use social media and other mainstream technology to promote or organize their business. There are additional tools and technology out there, however, that you can add to your tool belt and use to better manage your business and get more clients.

Use this list of tools and technology that those of us at TitlePlus in Baton Rouge have compiled for you, and push your business toward success.

 Client & Partner Management System

A client and partner management system will do wonders for your organization. These robust systems go by many names including contact database, customer relationship manager (CRM), and others, but what they all have in common is that they’ll help keep your contacts organized and readily accessible.

You’ll be able to put in your past, present, and future clients and partners so that you’ll be able to find them quickly. For example, if you have a client looking for a title search company, you can quickly pull up your management system and recommend a great title company like TitlePlus.

Client management systems don’t just keep names, phone numbers, and email address in order though, they can also help organize your workflow. Many CRMs have workflow management functionality, leads acquisition workflows, and notifications that you can use as reminders to follow up with customers or complete paperwork. A client management system can work wonders for your real estate business.

picking out color swatches for website design

Personal, Yet Professional, Website

A personal website that promotes your business and your unique strengths as a real estate agent is a must, whether you are part of a big company or working for yourself. A personal website can make you look credible and trustworthy to potential clients. The more useful it is and how easy it is to access are major influences on how professional and credible you look, according to the Stanford Web Credibility Research. Other aspects you should consider when using your website as a tool to promote your business include:

  • Avoiding Grammar and Spelling Errors
  • Adding Testimonials and Reviews
  • Removing Ads
  • Keeping Content Updated
  • Having an Updated Design
  • Providing Updated Contact Information

Testimonials from clients that specify exactly how you helped them and what a big difference you made in their house hunt are great to add to your site and will make you shine as a real estate agent. Filming and adding videos of yourself to the site can also add credibility to your site. Videos can show who you are and showcase your expertise when you inform customers on important real estate news.

In short, a professional website is a great tool for you to sell yourself and give your clients the information they want.

Professional Camera

It’s super easy and convenient to use your phone to upload photos of a client’s house in an attempt to sell. Professional cameras, however, can make a huge difference in how appealing a home looks to potential buyers. Blurry or dark images from phone cameras can turn buyers away in a heartbeat before they even step foot in the home. On the other hand, professional cameras can capture much better photos and make a home look cozy with a few adjustments.

A professional camera and a few photography lessons can make your listings stand out for a faster selling process.

coworkers using a laptop and tablet to collaborate web designCalendar Schedular

Another tool you can use as a professional real estate agent is a calendar schedular. These systems promote hassle-free appointments for your busy schedule by eliminating the back and forth emails or texts with clients to find a time that works for both of you. One tool that many people use for this purpose is called Calendly. It allows you to preset available appointment times and then lets your clients choose the option that best suits them. This handy tool can speed up your communication and prevent scheduling mistakes.

When it comes to your job, using the best tools and technology available can make it that much easier. Follow our resource center and Facebook page for more real estate agent tips, and give us a call to partner with a great title search company that supports real estate agents.