Loan Officers: 4 Tips for More Construction Loan Closings

Grow Your Busines as a Construction Loan Officer

Growing your business and increasing closings on loans is your top goal as a loan officer. Some loan officers may have a strong number of leads for loans. But if you’re looking to close more construction loans successfully, we have the steps you need to take to increase your construction loan closings.

Foster Relationships with Tract Home Builders and Production Builders

As a professional in the real estate industry, it’s obvious that you must network. By building relationships with professionals such as tract home builders and production builders, you will increase your exposure in the construction area. Reach out to local builders and share your contact information, so you’ll be top of mind when their clients are looking for a loan officer referral.

Use Public Records Via Government AgenciesImage of a hand with a pen pointing to a contract

Public records can tell you who’s planning on building properties. These records are publicly accessible and are a good place to look for potential clients as a loan officer. If you want to inquire for more information on a particular property, people in your city’s local Planning and Development Department may be able to answer questions.

Construction Trade Associations and Networking

Joining a construction trade association will open up a world of possible clients. This is a great way to network through offered conferences, workshops, and events. Attending these networking events through trade associations will introduce you to construction industry professionals who may have clients in need of a construction loan for an upcoming build.

Become a Construction Loan Specialist

Specialists bring a high level of knowledge and skillsets to the table that others cannot. With a new level of knowledge and expertise, you can put yourself ahead of the competition.

Construction loan specialists monitor and fund construction loans for residential and commercial properties. You’ll have the opportunity to work with borrowers, appraisers, and contractors throughout the process providing information, follow-up, and customer service as needed. Becoming a construction loan specialist will attract people seeking construction loans without you having to do the heavy lifting of going out and finding them.

Start increasing your construction loan closings with our networking suggestions. To ensure a smooth closing process on your issued construction loan, be sure to recommend TitlePlus. With years of experience and fast title searches, we’ll make sure the property is cleared for the loan.